Friday, September 14, 2012


Salam 'alaikum. to all beloved students of CFS IIUM, you are kindly invited to join Merdeka Raya Celebration, organised by Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC). It will be held on 14/9 to 16/9/2012.

#All students are invited. For Gombak (Foundation of Economics), you are also invited to the Eid Feast on 16 Sept 2012

There will be Forum on "Shifting the Paradigm of the Youth Generation - The Real Meaning of Independence" by Imam Muda Hizbur and Ust Che Abdul Majid bin Che Omar, Nasyeed Performance by Du'a and Sketch by Cultural and Arts Club on 14/9/2012 (Friday). Refreshments are provided for 200 early birds. There are also lucky draw.

#note: Ust Mohammad Nidzam bin Abdul Kadir have other function on that day, so he will be replaced by Ust Che Abdul Majid bin Che Omar

The telematches will be held at Futsal Court on 15/9/2012 (Saturday). For more info, do contact MRC Aisyah, MRC UMAFZ or MRC Zainab Al Jahsy. For rewang participants, there will be breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner provided. For telematch participants, there will be morning tea and lunch provided.

Grab your tickets from the MRC's of respective mahallah for RM 3 only!!! The ticket is valid for the Eid Feast on 16/9/2012 (Sunday). There will be Duit Raya for early birds~

#The venue for Eid Feast is at Al- Malik Faisal Hall, CFS IIUM

Come and join us!!!


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